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SMW, December 22, 2009 5:48 PM

Duncan Youngkids.jpg

High-Stake Standardized Test Scores for 7-Year-Olds - Winner or Loser?

Click to BRIDGING DIFFERENCES for their riff on Sec' of Education Arne Duncan and his remarks about second graders earlier this year.  The debate (continuation, re-naming w/tweaks) of No Child Left Behind (NCLB) will be coming up in the agenda soon.

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Graduation Mash-Up: Reality-Check Time

CJW, 05.25.2010

Three To Read: Sharp Observations On Our Graduating Class

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Riffing good stories


SEED: Public Boarding School!

CJW, 05.24.2010

Byron Pitts Reports - If Rich Kids Can Attend Boarding Schools, Why Not The Poor?
Watch Plus Pitts' Own Story: Videos

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Marijuana For A.D.D. Instead Of Adderall?

CJW, 05.23.2010

". . . .Andrew, Weed Is Nothing Short Of A Miracle For Me . . ."

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Why Our Kids Don't Get Math

CJW, 05.22.2010

Joseph Ganem, Ph.D., professor at Loyola U, gives us three surprising reasons why and how it may change our idea of "rigor".

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"An Amazing Time For Math In This Country"

CJW, 05.21.2010

High School Math Teacher Dan Meyer (w/a Part-Time Gig At Google) Riffs About Math In New TED Video (Photo Not Him!)

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JK Rowling Captivates Crowd With Harvard Commencement

CJW, 05.21.2010

JK Rowling To Harvard: "In Spite Of A Distinct Lack Of Motivation At University, Where I Had Spent Far Too Long In The Coffee Bar Writing Stories, And Far Too Little Time At Lectures, I Had A Knack For Passing Examinations, And That, For Years, Had . . . "

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College Drop-Out Steve Jobs' Commencement Speech: "Three Stories From My Life"

CJW, 05.21.2010

Followed His Curiosity & Intuition Which "Turned Out To Be Priceless Later On" VIDEO

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Dr. D. Rigour Is Baaack: Commie Core Standards?

CJW, 05.20.2010

Will Connecticut Students Learn How To Skin Gators & Mississippi Students Love Arugula With Their Raspberry Vinaigrette?

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An Inconvenient Truth In Math Education: A Very Viral Video

CJW, 05.20.2010

Math Wars: The Top Viral Video On This Topic --And It Ain't a Pretty Picture For "New Math"  aka Everyday or Terc Math--With national standards in Math being introduced this week, I thought it might make sense to show one...

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