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Smarter? Liberals or Conservatives? Hmmm...

CJW, March 1, 2010 7:45 PM


 Just released from Time magazine, as reported by John Cloud:

"The notion that liberals are smarter than conservatives is familiar to anyone who has spent time on a college campus. The College Democrats are said to be ugly, smug and intellectual; the College Republicans, pretty, belligerent and dumb. There's enough truth in both stereotypes that the vast majority of college students opt not to join one club or the other.

But are liberals actually smarter? A libertarian (and, as such, nonpartisan) researcher, Satoshi Kanazawa of the London School of Economics and Political Science, has just written a paper that is set to be published in March by the journal Social Psychology Quarterly. The paper investigates not only whether conservatives are dumber than liberals, but why that might be so . . ."

Good short weekend read.  Don't be fooled by the introduction which may sound like the done-already "academics are liberal" story - it goes beyond this to some interesting stuff.
Do you think the stereotyping is silly or spot-on?   Do you think we are getting more polarized as the press reports on one hand, or are we witnessing a growing independent/undecided segment in our country, countering that notion?

We look forward to the paper coming out in March. 

Check it out - full article link here.


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