"Is The New Facebook A Deal With The Devil?"

CJW, April 25, 2010 3:54 PM


4/28/10  Conde Nast Wired Magazine Reports from The New York Times, click to go to link: 

4/28/10 - MN Daily - Franken Takes On Facebook
4/27/10-  Mashable:  Nobody Can Stop Facebook Because Nobody Understands Facebook

Technology:  The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Makes you wanna go Hmmm. . . Too Big???

Are your kids on Facebook?  Do THEY know?
(Go on your Facebook right now and check your privacy settings.
You have to "opt-out" on what was originally set by you as private, as
it will now be public on certain levels.)

"At first blush, it's hard from a user's perspective to find anything to criticize Facebook for in today's announcements. Those criticisms will no doubt start to form once people wrap their heads around all the particulars. On principal, though, there's going to be so much more Facebook around the internet that it feels like a real cause for concern. Centralization is a dangerous thing and Facebook is a young company that's proven willing to break its contract with users in the past (see Facebook's Privacy Move Violates Contract With Users)."

---From ReadWriteWeb

From ReadWriteWeb, "Is The New Facebook A Deal With The Devil?":

"Facebook blew people's minds today at its F8 developer conference but one sentiment that keeps coming up is: this is scary. The company unveiled simple, powerful plans to offer instant personalization on sites all over the web, it kicked off meaningful adoption of the Semantic Web with the snap of the fingers, it revolutionized the relationship between the cookie and the log-in, it probably knocked a whole class of recommendation technology startups that don't offer built-in distribution to 400 million people right out of the market. It popularized social bookmarking and made subscribing to feeds around the web easier than ever before.

And it may have created the biggest disruption to web traffic analytics in years: demographically verified visitor stats tied to people's real identities. There was so much big news that the analytics part didn't even come up in the keynote.

This is so much new technology and it's tied in so closely with one very powerful company that there is big reason to stop and consider the possible implications. There are reasons to be scared. The bargain Facebook offers is very, very compelling - but it's not a clear win for the web.

We won't go into all the details in this post. You can read our blow-by-blow in our live blog, other coverage on Techmeme and discussion of particular developments here on ReadWriteWeb throughout the day. I just want to talk about one overriding concern.
. . "

The Daily Riff will be watching this story and updating this post.  We are big fans of technology in education (and life) but gotta call it as we see it.  

Obviously, many of those "invested" in this space are pooh-poohing this PRIVACY story (or are creating big bags of wind), and are demurring at this point with links as to WHO as it is a bit early, but as advocates for our kids and students, and as we gain better insight over the coming days . . .  from YOUR input - as always -

What have you heard . . .what do you think ??

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