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Jobs in Demand: Are Our Kids Learning the Right Stuff? Part 1.

CJW, April 30, 2010 6:04 PM


With all the talk about STEM (science, tech, engineering and math) skills and knowledge needed for future jobs, The Daily Beast delivers a great "Top Ten" slide show of cutting edge jobs in demand for the tech sector.  

 Great to connect the dots to the real world.  We love #9 Technology Theorist, who takes the details to a higher level.  Click here to view.

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Harvard Kids: On Speed Dial Where Life Is A Blur

SMW, 08.04.2010

Intensely Scheduled Extracurricular Activities Take Center Stage

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Riffing good stories


Khan Academy: World's Free Virtual Private Tutoring Lessons In Math & Science

CJW, 08.04.2010

How Kids Can Get Private Tutoring With Ten-Minute Sessions On Targeted Subjects Ranging From Basic Math To Advanced Calculus; Parents Can Check Out Finance,Too.

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"Why Can't Playgrounds Look More Like This?"

CJW, 08.04.2010

"Because a playground doesn't have to cost a million bucks and come in a box. In fact, it's better if it doesn't."

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Autistic Awesome Innovator - HBO Film

CJW, 08.04.2010

"Different Not Less" - Temple Grandin - "Think Of It As A Door"

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What Adults Can Learn From Kids: "Don't Underestimate Our Ability"

CJW, 08.03.2010

12 Year Old (!) Literacy Advocate Sets Us Straight In 8 min. TED video
Are Teachers & Parents Actually Making Kids "Shrink To Fit"???

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Leadership Under Adversity: How The Vision Thing Matters

CJW, 08.03.2010

" . . .In abundance, it's very easy to lose focus. But in adversity, one must have extreme focus. . . "

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College Grads: Diploma First. Passport Next.

CJW, 08.03.2010

"I don't care where you went to business school. I don't care whether your grades were good or bad. You have to leave the country."

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Am I Preparing Students For My Age Or Theirs?

CJW, 07.30.2010

"We already live in a world of disconnect, where the classroom has stopped reflecting the world outside its walls. . . ."

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A Must-See "Morning Joe" Debate:

CJW, 07.29.2010

All Roads Lead To Education: Afghanistan, National Security And, Yes, Even Obesity

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