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Chatroulette: Is Your Teen/Tween On This On-Line "Porn" Chat Room?

CJW, May 1, 2010 10:19 PM


Update: "The Naked Men Of Chatroulette" via The Daily Beast. Link Here.

What Every Parent Must Know: 

The New Video Chat Site
With No Real Age Restriction Or Reporting 

By C.J.

If you somehow missed this story on the news, it's a biggie.  There is a new social networking video-chat site where users go on-line with their lap-top web-cam and talk to strangers around the world via camera and text.
The roulette aspect is the gambling nature of it all:  you never know who you will get "next".
And if you don't like who you see, you can "next" them in a millisecond click to the next person . . . and vice versa. 

Sounds interesting at first glance.  Who wouldn't be intrigued by finding another person your age or with your interests in Paris or Shanghai?  A global Skype or Hitchcock's "Rear Window"?

I tried it out briefly- - and was just horrified thinking about young kids on this site.  With this much provocative stuff so easily displayed, it's a porn site.  The other side participants were very young - there are no restrictions (sure they have a statement on the site about it being restricted to kids younger than 16;  and no porn allowed, but that's it . . . a statement.).

There are three videos below, the first Vimeo is highly recommended as it is from a real user's  point-of-view with some casual data:

#1 - Vimeo
#2 - CNN - Campbell Brown interview with two adult participant "guinea pigs"
#3 - Good Morning America - 3 min.

Link to a New York Times interview with 17-year old Russian founder here.

chat roulette from Casey Neistat on Vimeo.

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