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Can The iPhone Be The Magic "Cure" For Dyslexia & Reading?

CJW, June 2, 2010 8:33 AM


Howard Hill writes from the guardian.co.uk  sharing an incredible discovery at the age of 57:

"I was hopeless at school, messy and terrible at spelling. And although the term dyslexia was not something I came across until much later in life, when I did I understood immediately that I had a number of its symptoms. My writing often had a jumbled logic. The advent of computers, of course, brought spell-checkers, but even so my word blindness can carry such conviction that I sometimes find myself staring incredulously at the red line underneath words, before finally realising that "during" does not begin with a "J". . .

He goes on to talk about his sudden joy and freedom to be able to read books deprived from him in his childhood because of the iPhone format.  His first book was the Count of Monte Cristo.  He explains:

" . . .So why I had found it easier to read from my iPhone? First, an ordinary page of text is split into about four pages. The spacing seems generous and because of this I don't get lost on the page. Second, the handset's brightness makes it easier to take in words. "Many dyslexics have problems with 'crowding', where they're distracted by the words surrounding the word they're trying to read," says John Stein, Professor of Neuroscience at Oxford University and chair of the Dyslexia Research Trust. "When reading text on a small phone, you're reducing the crowding effect." "

And Hill found that he was not alone in his revelation.  Check this out:

" . . .I was so impressed that I contacted the Dyslexia Society, where Sue Flohr, herself dyslexic, recounted how her iPhone had changed her life. She told me that many others share my experience reading books and the society is in talks with the government over making school textbooks available as eBooks. Flohr said that her iPhone has not only brought greater organisation to her life, it has greatly improved her sense of self-esteem.
. ."

Thanks for sharing, Howard!  Spread the word - would love to hear if more dyslexics have found this to be true - and are schools already in the loop on this?  What have you heard?

Score another one in the pro column for technology.

Full story can be found here.

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