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Charlie Rose & Kauffman Foundation On Education & Entrepreneurship

CJW, June 30, 2010 6:34 PM

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"All Net New Job Creation Is This Country
Is From Brand New Firms Less Than Five Years Old"

Entrepreneurship & Education
Think Global.  Think Local.

A highly recommended and powerful interview on the Charlie Rose program with Carl Schramm, CEO and President of the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, which focuses on
"promoting entrepreneurship and improving education".
Highlights of Schramm/Rose interview:
First 4-5 minutes for a note-worthy intro - dedicated to "promoting entrepreneurship and improving education"
Skip to 14:00 (fascinating background re: Iraq entrepreneurship, but can FF for time). 

A few key take-aways:

14:30   -----  In 1973, I received my Ph.D.   "The doctrine (the word) among the academics in the U.S. (at that time) is that you would never see development in India;  you would never see development in China; they were culturally incapable of ever entering the 'First World'."  

18:00 ------ Big gov't, big business and big labor blew apart in 1970 and actually created a time of great entrepreneurship and innovation.  A time when capitalism was "messy" and not linear.
A time of dynamic creation.  If you took an SAT exam in the 1970's, the word entrepreneur had not even been "invented".  You may have named a dead white male inventor such as Thomas Edison.

20:00 ------  Big firms go to government and tell them to protect them from young upstarts since they are the "ones who are providing jobs" (the party line), even though they may have been the upstart a decade before against the big corporations. 

21:00  ------    "When we move to protect huge companies, we send very important signals to peple and that is "they win" (big companies), and "I can't" (the entrepreneur).  Note: unofficial transcript.    Ironically, American entrepreneurship is not best represented by "kids in garages", as they are more often middle-age people (39) with experience, unlike the stereotype.

26:00  ------  Where have the best and brightest gone?  A problem for America.   Too many kids are encouraged to take roles in the government.  Smart kids in the government create rules;  the government does not create wealth.  A lot of these rules inhibit start-up businesses.  If we could get fewer kids to go to business school and public policy schools  . . . 

28:00:  Universities as incubators of innovation?  Nowhere nearly as efficient as they have to be.  Government paid for research, "seeded it", and intellectual property belongs to universities.  "This is where where we will grow our endowments".   They (the universities) have been extremely careful custodians of Intellectual property to the detriment of society.

Universities have been blessed with a huge amount of public money to do research, but Schramm would make the "train" from research in universities sent out to the public creating innovations much faster.

Video- taped on May 25th, 2010, running 34 minutes - check it out HERE.

Let us know what you think . . . .

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Charlie Rose is an "Emmy award winning journalist . . . praised as 'one of America's premier interviewers'."  Host of the nightly PBS program titled Charlie Rose,  he "engages the world's best thinkers, writers, politicians, athletes, entertainers, business leaders, scientists and other newsmakers. . . "



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