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On-Line Enrichment: A Smart Summer School Alternative

CJW, June 13, 2010 10:54 AM


Parents are always scrambling to keep their children occupied in the summer months.  Short of sending them away to camp all summer (expensive and not the first choice for many), how to squeeze in some learning time that doesn't require you to be a chauffeur while still allowing  flexibility in your schedule, whether or not you work outside the home?

The answer could be on-line summer programs, which your kids can do as a supplement: to play catch-up on the subjects they struggle with, get a jump on the coming year, or just to explore some areas for fun, with no stress, testing or pressure. 

How to do basketball camp when it runs the same time as Math summer school?
Didn't quite get today's lesson?  Go back - no big deal.
Too easy?  Jump ahead.
A rainy day?  Perfect time to do a double-session. 
Guests coming or a perfect sunny day?  Skip it that day and no worries.

For those who are still gun-shy about on-line learning, summer school is a great way to put your toe in the water and to check out various programs.  

The dying perception of on-line learning - the isolated, strange students who are not being socialized or taught the "normal" way (whatever that is supposed to mean), is riding out into the sunset.  Plus, on-line learning courses are not necessarily on-line all the time, and may include real-life teachers and one-to-one tutoring.

Here are few you may want to explore. These were chosen since we've heard mainly positives thus far (these are not ads or recommendations):

1)  K-12 Learning - wide range of subjects K-12 - "unleash the xPotential"

2)  Florida Virtual School -  wide range of subjects K-12 - "Any time, any place, any path, any place"- Florida also allows this school to replace traditional public school - see link here to white paper to Florida students.  Check out the video here.

3)  Dreambox Learning - K-3rd Grade Math - "Serious Learning That Is Serious Fun"

4)  Headsprout - K-5th Grade Reading - "Creating Successful Readers!"

5)  Connections Academy - wide range of subjects K-12 - "Great Control Over How You Learn Can Produce Astonishing Results"

Not all on-line courses are created equal -- each have their unique qualities --  let us know how they fare for you and friends ...                   ------S.M.

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