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India's "I Can" Mind Shift: What America Can Learn

CJW, July 16, 2010 8:29 PM


 By Empowering Kids To "Lead The Change", India
Raised Math, English and Science Outcomes

Kirin Bir Sethi, the passionate founder of the Riverside School in Ahmedabad, shares her kid-empowering philosophy for education, blurring the boundaries between school and life by combining relevance, fun, community and a hands-on context.

A facinating portrayal and powerful fresh glimpse into what matters now in India, how this edu-culture program influenced Math, English and Science outcomes, and how kids are  designing solutions to affect cultural change in India.  The city is telling the child, "YOU can", where children can lead the change.  Take one idea, take one week, and change a billion lives was the charge asked of these kids.

 A standing ovation and potential game changer for students.

Nine-minute vid from TED below "Children Leading the Change":

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