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"Net Neutrality Is The First Amendment Issue Of Our Time"

CJW, August 10, 2010 7:53 PM


"It used to be that really only the government could threaten your first amendment rights. 
Now corporations with government permission
pose the greatest threat to your first amendment rights"

 - Sen. Al Franken

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  • Huffington Post with several articles starting here, "Google, Verizon Outline Internet Policy: Read Their Plan" and here, "Consumer Outrage"
  • The Nation with "Save Net Neutrality" with link for action here.  h/t for video link.
  • Wall Street Journal, via Drudge Report, with special mention to the comment by Jay Dratler, Jr., with link here.  An excerpt from his comment - which delves into the specifics of the Google-Verizon "policy" with three main take-aways - summarizes with:

"It's not surprising that only one (David Clark) out of 38 commenters was able to read a page and a half of legal prose and make sense of it. But it's troubling that the WSJ's reporters seemed to have the same difficulty.

Here are three key points the story and commenters missed . . . 

 . . . So make no mistake about it: the Google-Verizon "policy" is a trial balloon for law.
If you like this trial balloon, do nothing. If you don't, better contact your representatives in Congress or send a letter to the FCC. Otherwise, don't be surprised if something like this ends up as law or regulation a few years down the road."

As Ralph Nader said, "Information is the currency of democracy".  With technology being a great leveler and beacon for "access for all",  will this move by Google and other media giants become another class divider?

For related story on The Daily Riff, see "Our Razzle Dazzle Culture".

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