ADHD? Or, Too Young for School?

CJW, September 14, 2010 12:27 PM


Rampant Misdiagnosis of ADHD Related to Age Appropriateness
NBC Video Below

What about age appropriate school?  Any mention of exercise and activity?

 "Am I Preparing Students for My Age or Theirs?"  and
 "The Littlest Redshirts Sit Out Kindergarten".

On a lighter note, check out the classic clip from the movie "BIG" with Tom Hanks -

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Autonomy-supportive teachers seek a student's initiative - whereas controlling teachers seek a student's compliance.
J. Reeve, E. Bolt, & Y. Cai

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" . . .although it's perfectly true that good teaching and learning in most schools happen - if and when they do - despite, not because of, the systems and structures that are in place."

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"We already live in a world of disconnect, where the classroom has stopped reflecting the world outside its walls. . . ."

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Singapore and America - Worlds Apart?
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