New First Impression: Your Child's Digital Tattoo

CJW, September 15, 2010 12:07 PM


A "New Cache Society"?
On-Line Messages Live Permanently On the Web

Future College & Job Seekers:  Listen Up
Video Below

With so much press dedicated to cyberbullying and the ill effects of too much time spent on-line, let us not forget how important it is to help our youth see the future ramifications of what they may post on-line during their K-12 school years.  We are calling this permanent digital dossier the "new cache society" (aka the digital tattoo).

More stories are being shared about the student who is busy "preparing for the future", yet at the same time, placing regrettable images and words on-line that will sabotage those efforts.  It's up to schools and parents to educate our kids early and consistently about the immutable nature of their digital portfolio - another responsibility associated with technology and most definitely a part of tech literacy. 

The wake-up call?  College admission officers and job recruiters are increasingly using a student's digital record as a "credential".

Here's a video that you can share -- unlike footprints in the sand, your digital tattoo lives on . . . and doesn't disappear with the next wave.   Good lessons:  keep it up, keep it clean, make it smart and collaborate with other like-intended minds.

Let us know of other videos about this topic --  See also related article & video in The Daily Riff:
"Your Child's Digital Dossier".

H/t to a Tom Whitby tweet via The Educator's PLN


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