"Pretty" Blown Away

CJW, October 27, 2010 8:06 PM


Pretty Girl
"Pretty" Video Below -  "R" Rated

As parent or teacher or principal/Head . . .the next time you hesitate for one moment about questioning the role-modeling aspects of certain school traditions such as celebrating the next homecoming queen (or at least the way it is "celebrated" in school compared to other "accomplishments"), just watch this powerful 3 minute video from the National Poetry Slam below by Katie Makkai, and it will make you take pause.

And it's not just for parents of girls nor is it just about school influences. 
(Has a concluding f-bomb moment, be forewarned.)

Let us know what you think.  We deleted last minute some of the big moment quotes
from this post - better to watch.         -C.J.  Westerberg


Another recommendation rumination on this subject:  choosing femininity sometimes.  

H/t Mike Cooper on both.    Related LInks:  Brave New VoicesPoetry SlamDef  Poetry Slam, and Poetry Slam Wikipedia 

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