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The Battle for the Mind of the High School Student

CJW, November 21, 2010 9:59 AM


Technology, Education and the Teenage Brain
 Video Below

"A question of balance."
-C.J. Westerberg

We riffed on this subject earlier this year and we already declared it as a "grow up already
and deal with it"
subject but the NYT story is still running strong this week with continuous posts on the subject.  Think it deserves the ongoing attention.

Below is an excellent "balanced" video about the intersection between technology and education.  The conclusion is where this topic will play out - check it out along with related article from The New York Times:  How Technology is Distracting Students - Fast Times at Woodside High.

Great round-up of riffs about article on Atlantic Wire.  Like Jeff Jarvis' far-flung connections which actually sound feasible and warrant more attention, but admit Richtel and Harris have the sustainable points about "balance".

Don Tapscott disagrees about the basic premise.   So does the NY Times in The Attention Span Myth.

Personally, I hope to see more Vishal Singh (see in video) anecdotes which give the smart and talented non-schoolie types  a platform for learning other than the regimented one-size-fits-all education system as it now stands.  This is where on-line will play, one balanced day at a time.
You play, you pay.  Not much has changed in that department.


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Video below

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