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Chris Anderson, Makers, The New Industrial Revolution
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Gov. Chris Christie & Randi Weingarten - new best friends on merit pay for teachers

CJ Westerberg, 11.16.2012

Who would have guessed? Check out video on MSNBC's Morning Joe

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Riffing good stories


Maker Faire Africa 2012 in Pictures

CJ Westerberg, 11.09.2012

Possibly one of the more unexpected products at Maker Faire Africa this year in Lagos is a urine powered generator, created by four girls.

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What world am living in . . . what should I learn?

CJ Westerberg, 10.30.2012

Tom Friedman asks "How Do We Adapt to Thrive?" Lessons from Singapore

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Lessons from Sandy

CJ Westerberg, 10.30.2012

Do you ever feel so paper thin Like a house of cards, One blow from caving in? - Video

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Two Schools: Which one builds a better bully?

CJ Westerberg, 10.29.2012

"Education-as-we-know-it is about building hierarchies - among athletes . . . "

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Would You Hire Your Own Kids? 7 Skills Schools Should Be Teaching Them

CJ Westerberg, 10.29.2012

Tony Wagner, Former HS teacher, Principal & Co-Director At Harvard School Of Education Posts. "The Ability To Ask The Right Questions Is The Single Most Important Skill."

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Is Learning a Sport?

CJ Westerberg, 10.26.2012

Students should not go to school to win - students should go to school to learn.

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10 Steps . . . for smarter schools

CJ Westerberg, 10.25.2012

Dennis Littky, Big Picture Learning, gives us his 10 top musts.

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The Parent-School Relationship: The Importance of Listening

CJ Westerberg, 10.23.2012

"....I have been part of schools that have constantly told me what to do but never listened to what I had to say.' "

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