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10 Steps . . . for smarter schools

CJ Westerberg, October 25, 2012 7:39 PM


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Ed. Note:  Dennis Littky is co-founder and co-director of Big Picture Learning  and the Met Center in Providence, RI.  He is also recipient of the George Lucas Educational Foundation's
Daring Dozen: The Twenty Most Daring Educators in the World.  Below is a shortened version of the ten steps recommended by Littky which appeared in The Rhode Island Monthly.
The Daily Riff previously featured Big Picture Learning in "Bill & Melinda's Field Trips." 

10 Steps . . . for smarter schools
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"If you're not standing on the edge, you're taking up too much space."
- Dennis Littky, Big Picture Learning

1)  Create individual learning plans.
The basics of reading, writing, math and scientific thinking apply to any discipline,
so let's build lessons around each student's interests and goals. When students are motivated and engaged, they stick with school.
2)  Involve families.
Parents are a child's first teacher and know their student best. Schools need to do
all they can to get parents involved - and not just when something is wrong. Parents will make it a priority. They just haven't been asked.
3) Focus on real-world learning.
    Memorizing facts is the lowest level of learning, yet it's what we ask our students
    to do most . . .

4)  Foster questions, not answers.
     Curiosity is a powerful motivator. . .

5)  Evaluate skills.
 Answering a, b, c, d, or e on a standardized multiple-choice test doesn't reflect a student's ability to put knowledge into action. . .
6)  Use technology wisely.
7)  Support great teachers.
We must work hard to have only the very best teachers in our schools. Teacher training colleges need to get future teachers thinking innovatively about what school should be,
not preparing teachers for the schools of yesterday.

8)  Focus on college completion.

9)  Make schools, not districts, accountable.
Teachers, principals, parents and students know their school the best. They should
have enough control to design some of the measures  . . .

10)  Do everything at once.
Tweaking around the edges hasn't created noticeable change or narrowed the achievement gap in our country.  We must reinvent.

Link to full article here.
Newly released TEDxNY talk link HERE!!

Videos Below
#1- 30-second summary of Littky philosophy
#1 Harold McGraw Education Award clip featuring Theodore (Ted) Sizer

H/t to Silvia Martinez for pdf.
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