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A New Conversation With Sir Ken Robinson

CJ Westerberg, July 14, 2010 9:04 PM


"It's About Diversity.  But The School System Is About Conformity."
Video Below

Sir Ken Robinson is an icon in edu-circles, with a TED video, "Are Schools Killing Creativity?" reported at an 8 million hit range, and a host of international speaking engagements and consulting on innovation and creativity.

Below is a newly-released video of his recent conversation at Penn State, which centers on how the linear-based model of education is "underestimating" the potential of our students to the point that they are just tuning out.  As always, Sir Ken has a way with words:

"People imagine that life is linear.  .  . that you can plan it all out.  And one of the problems is that there are education systems based on that principle . . ."

"Policy-makers -- some of them - confuse improving education with bailing out the motor industry . . . There's a difference between cars and kids.  Cars don't have thoughts about how they are being "produced" . . . and kids do."

" . . . and if you treat them (kids) like inanimate objects, you know what happens, they turn off".

  "Children are being medicated to keep with the program".

And a slam-dunk:

18:30:  "The Problem is in order to get through this culture of standardized testing, we are standardizing our children to make them 'fit the test'."

For link to Sir Ken's TED video, click HERE, "Are Schools Killing Creativity?" and HERE, "Mike Huckabee: Kids Leave School Not Because They Are Dumb But Because They Are Bored."

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Video Below:

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