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Differentiated Learning: Coming To Schools

CJ Westerberg, June 22, 2010 12:38 PM


One Of The Greatest Challenges Teachers Face Is How To Differentiate Learning
Tailored To Each Student's Pace & Needs 

We always like to find interesting examples of how schools are striving toward more accomplished differentiated or individualized programs geared for each student's learning preferences and progression. 

Scott McLeod, one of the speakers in the engaging video below, may look familiar to you probably because The Daily Riff  featured his work in a recent post, How Technology Is Radically Transforming Teaching, Schools & The Job Market:  No Time To Hide!.

The video below paints a picture of what a traditional school and district in suburban Minnesota looks like when it "blends" technology into its structure and system with a well-planned and coordinated effort, solving many issues faced by parents, school leaders and teachers.  

Clocks in under nine minutes but is fast moving (unlike many videos in this genre).  While this is a hybrid promo-documentary, it is not an endorsement or paid - we think it is interesting and will be showing other notable examples as they cross our path.

For another completely different take on personalized learning, check out Global Technology Preparatory, a middle school in Harlem, with article and details - link HERE from Gotham Gazette.  The school is part of NYC's  Innovation Zone, which is an initiative to expand differentiated learning through virtual learning.   

Let us know what you think  -----                                                         --C.J.


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