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College Debt and Banks: It's called "Skim"

SMW, May 28, 2014 11:27 PM


No-brainer money for bankers
Debt for students for brain-credentials

Here's an excerpt from intro:
" . . . That's why a group of UC Berkeley scholars created Debt & Society. This is how former U.S. Labor Secretary Robert Reich describes the project: "The high indebtedness of households, universities, corporations, and governments has become a hallmark of global capitalism in the 21st century. Debt & Society is bringing together important research to explain why this has happened, and what it will mean for our future." 

Debt And Society from Dog Park on Vimeo.

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College Debt and Banks: It's called "Skim"

SMW, 05.28.2014

aka. No-brainer money for bankers; debt for students for brain-credentials

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