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CJ Westerberg, October 14, 2017 12:35 AM


What Happens When You Cross a Biology with a Film Major?
Same when it happens at the K-12 level, folks

DSC_0163-1_2.jpgBy C.J. Westerberg

What does cross-disciplinary, learning by doing, collaboration, PBL, and communication in higher education look like? The Jesuits know a thing or two about that kind of education, urging students to take courses on the opposite end of their intended academic majors. An engineering major? Take acting. Dance major? Take computer science. Gotta mix that DNA as an individual and be able to relate across silos.

Here's a spectacular 3 minute-video from Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles
 (LMU Lions= "Roar" ;) where Biology and Film majors work together on their Science Communication project. Check it out, my friends:

Here is link to podcast at HPR2: Town Square - Project Based Learning - PBL

"In the studio to make the case for Project-Based Learning are Executive Producer of the films Most Likely to Succeed and The Hunting Ground Ted Dintersmith, Founder and School Leader of the Honolulu public charter School for Examining Essential Questions of Sustainability  (SEEQS) Buffy Cushman-Patz, and Executive Director of the Buck Institute for Education Bob Lenz. "

Do also check out the podcast from Tony Wagner, co-author of Most Likely to Succeed and Expert-in-Residence of Harvard's Innovation Lab - at Hawaii Public Radio last month about
higher education.


Related links:
There is No Education Without the Arts - "The best education facilitates artistic
voice and creative habits of mind."

Visual Thinking
 - "Once it is recognized that productive thinking
in any area of cognition is perceptual thinking,
the central function of art
in general education
will become evident."
-Rudolf Arnheim, Visual Thinking (p.296)

Parents/Teachers: Does Your Child/Student Have a Portfolio of Work?
 "How the Arts Prepare Students for a Life's Work in Any Discipline -  The 13 Thinking Tools
" . . . this is not a passive Art Appreciation class here, folks, but a case for active and continued making, doing, tinkering."   (Editor's Note: This is a lecture and takes some time but worth it). 

The Top Ten Skills Children Learn Through the Arts -

#Most Likely To Succeed

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Over time and cultures, the most robust and effective form of communication is the creation of a powerful narrative.
Howard Gardner, Hobbs Professor of Cognition and Education, Harvard Graduate School of Education
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