Eleven Barbies

CJ Westerberg, September 25, 2013 2:47 AM


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CIMG0353.jpgby C.J. Westerberg (wearing a pink shirt while writing this)

Below is a brilliant commercial video - via Queen! - about raising girls. 
It's got attitude, message (STEAM - Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Math), otherwise known as STEM plus, all rolled up into one.

About ten years ago, I endured a birthday party of kindergartners which culminated with the gift opening "ceremony".  To my horror, 11 of the gifts were Barbies, 5 were something pink (think pink boa), two gift certificates (which were just becoming vogue), and one note that a "gift was coming."  To see those 11 Barbies given to one 5-year old girl all at once was just outrightly a sad commentary on early stereotyping and display of waste. By the way, the mother of the girl had suggested art supplies when asked for gift suggestions, so this birthday girl was not a Barbie collector.

Times have changed since then with Barbie reporting a 12% decrease in sales, gift certificates are a go-to birthday gift, or even "no Barbies" or "no gifts" have become more prevalent with
the latter as a statement to the overt consumerism modeled to our youngest, depending on the tribe.

Look, there is nothing wrong with Barbie, per se, or princess stuff or pink.  Being feminine and a girl is a wonderful thing.  But an overdose of that bubble-gummy color with comments like, "my daughter is such a princess" gives one pause when it becomes some ongoing singular archetype foisted upon the daughter as what she should aspire to be, act and do.  Feminine comes in many shapes, sizes, and colors and can exude many dispositions and interests.
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