"Children just don't go out in nature"

CJ Westerberg, October 21, 2015 4:35 PM


"Children in a space of a generation or two
have had a profound change
in their experiential contact with the natural world.
Children today spend on average spend over 44 hours per week
in front of a monitor of one sort or another - tv screen, computer monitor and the like -  and less than 40 minutes outside.
Children just don't go out in nature.

      - Stephen Kellert, Yale University
Mother Nature's Child
8 -Minute Video Trailer Below

About the film: "A new documentary exploring nature's powerful role in children's health and development. Featuring Richard Louv, author of LAST CHILD IN THE WOODS, Stephen Kellert, Brother Yusuf Burgess, David Sobel, Jon Young, Nancy Bell, Amy Beam.

Mother Nature's Child looks at three stages of childhood -- toddlers, middle childhood and adolescence -- and explores the role of nature in kids' cognitive, physical, emotional, and spiritual development."

Don't miss the 5:50 mark where Misha Golfman of Kroka expeditions in New Hampshire talks about the importance of healthy risk-taking for children, "If you don't take healthy risks, you're going to see unhealthy risks. We're seeing this all over the place.  We've been working with kids for 25 years. Kids THRIVE on taking risks."

Director/Co-Producer Camilla Rockwell began in film with filmmaker Ken Burns, working on nine of his PBS programs and series from The Shakers: Hand to Work, Hearts to God (1983) to Thomas Jefferson (co-producer, 1997). In 1999, she established Fuzzy Slippers Productions to produce films on creativity and the arts, healing and well-being, including segments for the PBS series Body and Soul . . .
Co-Producer Wendy Conquest has worked on over twelve historical documentaries - most notably with Ken Burns.  In the 1990's she teamed up with filmmaker Bob Drake, co-producing ethics documentaries Buying Time: Media Role in Health Care and The Burden of Knowledge as well as Show 1991, for the Telluride Film Festival; Chance, on the teaching of statistics; Mind Talk: The Brain's New Story (PBS); and three NSF funded programs sponsored by Dartmouth College: The Math Life (PBS); Mind in the Machine, and Darwin's Extra Sense about the math of the life sciences.

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