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"I can write a 20-page research paper and my roommate can't .."

CJ Westerberg, July 4, 2012 8:06 AM


Schools that work

Head over to Edutopia for some great reads with their special report on "Comprehensive Assessment".  They selected NYC's "School of the Future" as an example of a school that works.  We love this answer from Principal John Fanning, in this excerpt, about "how do you know" his students are being prepared for higher learning:  
Q: How do you know that what you're doing here is preparing kids for more learning?

A.  John Fanning:
The most concrete example is that when our kids come back from their
first year of college, they thank us and say, "I can write a 20-page research paper and my roommate can't." It's an amazing skill. Also, they feel more comfortable talking. They report they are participating in class discussions and backing up what they say with evidence and that they feel very comfortable in their first year of college.

It's amazing how often we hear from college profs and job recruiters how these skills - writing, communicating, researching and supporting an argument in-depth - are lacking, even from "A" students.  A disconnect of assessment, one would think.

Orig. posted February 2011


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  • Tedy Turner

    Never been good at writing. Always was using custom essays and i don't see anything bad in it

  • i love this article, i think it is all about some natural abilities and how our parents and teachers have later polish them (if they did in our childhood).

  • I think...it is the base our parents/teachers made for us(at younger age)...it later help or hate us the subjects...and also something coming from our genus.

  • It is just a matter of some natural abilities/ Some of us are good at writing, others - at music etc. I am bad at math. Alweys got math homework help from sites)

  • Awesome post, thedailyriff.com! “I can write a 20 page research paper and my roommate can’t” is definitely a must read for students and educators alike. Great job!

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