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Is a new "Thank You" culture coming?

CJ Westerberg, January 26, 2011 10:18 AM


Pub. March 9, 2011
Will social media's one-to-one engagement
create a new "small town" culture?

"How everything has changed, except human nature."
Gary Vaynerchuk, Chapter One

Must-see segment today on "Morning Joe" with Gary Vaynerchuk, author of "The Thank You Economy."  Even though much of conversation surrounds social media and business, it's more than apparent how this customized, one-to-one engagement world Vaynerchuk passionately speaks about parallels the disruption happening in education.

Running counter-trend to much of the "scary" social media news coverage, Vaynerchuk presents an incredibly "humanized" future created by the one-to-one nature of social media.
He explains how businesses will be entering a new period of "small town" connectedness, after the last fifteen years of being led by the de-personalized, price-oriented "big box" business model of stores, such as Wal-Mart.  Part of this comes from the accountability factor and the immediacy of feedback from your personal social circle, not the general public at large.

Vaynerchuk claims our grandparents' DNA is making a come-back, where "what is very old is new again."  He also predicts Google will play the more important role in this transition, much more than some of the other social media players and upstarts. 

Even Mika Brzezinski, who tends to be most skeptical about technology, conveyed her
enthusiasm toward Vaynerchuk's uplifting message that debunks the de-personalized, cold future of social media as portrayed of late, especially personified by the Zuckerberg chill. 
Journo John Heileman and Willie Geist also seemed to enjoy the ride, saying they were "blown away."  

What's your riff on the future of our culture-at-large?   

Video below: 

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  • Lisa

    that's what I keep telling people! It is the accountability factor that is driving the change, and I see more true human connection with social media than less, like most people claim. It is an interesting phenomenom unfolding right in front of our eyes; very exciting!

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