"It's good to be curious about many things"

CJ Westerberg, July 12, 2012 11:47 PM


Are schools promoting curiosity?

VIDEO - The Garden of Your Mind

by C.J. Westerberg
Apparently, I am one of the few who has not seen this auto-tune mash-up of Mister Rogers which has received over 5 million views at the time of this posting.  His timeless messages caught my attention especially since they ironically relate to a few posts I've been thinking about, scribbling about and will publish over the coming weeks.  Talk about classics especially since I was not a Mister Rogers watcher but many around me were and I now I miss his sensibility as I got to know him later in life.

In addition to his call for the importance of curiosity at the top of this post, Mister Rogers also challenges us in his uniquely powerful yet thoughtful way about learning.

"There are so many things to learn about in this world . . .
and there are so many people in this world
who can help us learn . . . "

                                                                            - Mister Rogers 

How often have we seen an adult (teacher, parent, etc.) dismiss an interest or presentation of work expressed by a child or student when it does not appear to be of "value" to school or a college resume?

 When Steve Jobs zeroed in on the aesthetics of calligraphy (and curiosity BTW) . . . who would have guessed that a person experiencing a seemingly esoteric, non-traditional and "artsy" education in handwriting, while dropping out of college and being fired from a start-up company, would prevail as one of the greatest icons and influencers to a generation, serving as a role model for business, technology, marketing, design, engineering, education and manufacturing, in spite of his specific well documented flaws?

Check out the video below,
the auto-tune starts about at the 20-second mark

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The secret message communicated to most young people today by the society around them is that they are not needed, that the society will run itself quite nicely until they - at some distant point in the future - will take over the reigns. Yet the fact is that the society is not running itself nicely... because the rest of us need all the energy, brains, imagination and talent that young people can bring to bear down on our difficulties. For society to attempt to solve its desperate problems without the full participation of even very young people is imbecile.
Alvin Toffler
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