Marijuana For A.D.D. Instead Of Adderall?

CJ Westerberg, May 23, 2010 11:28 AM


"Andrew, Weed Is Nothing Short Of A Miracle For Me."

A reader with a severe-sounding case of ADD writes in to Andrew Sullivan at his Daily Dish blog on The Atlantic's website:

"I'm a college student (should be writing my final paper right now, in fact), so there isn't any real stigma regarding smoking marijuana, but I do it for a much different reason than most of my friends. I'm 21 and I have rather severe Attention Deficit Disorder, something I've struggled with my entire life.  The only medication that works for me at all is Adderall, which I  think of as meth for rich people.  However, while taking 25mg a day allows me to function normally as a student, it also makes me miserable  . . ."

Check out the rest of his argument for a few tokes instead of "acceptable" prescription drugs: 

". . . .Because of weed, I don't have to choose between being functional and feeling good.  I don't like having to break the law, but as a well-off, clean-cut white college student in a state with relatively relaxed cannabis laws, the risk for me is minuscule, and well worth the reward.  In every other aspect of my life, I am a model citizen - there's not so much as a parking ticket on my record. . . "

One of our main take-aways was how miserable the reader was taking Adderall.   Now just relate that to how many of our younger children may be experiencing these very same symptoms/side effects (even to a lesser degree, is it still worth it?)  when exercise, alternative teaching and learning techniques may better lessen/resolve "the problems", especially when not severe.  Plus, will these young children be reliant on medication of some form most of their lives?   See The Daily Riff's previous story,  "Ritalin Or Recess?"  

Full post from The Atlantic HERE.   What do YOU think?

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