Meryl Streep as Margaret Thatcher

CJ Westerberg, December 20, 2011 9:44 PM


Holiday Movie Time!
Leadership, transformation, and a truly "rare interview"
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The family was discussing our movie roster wish-list for the holidays and the choices seem awesome, especially compared to last year's minimal line-up, so we are guessing we'll be theatre-hopping over the next couple of weeks.  On our list are Hugo, Sherlock Holmes,
Tintin, and Mission Impossible - hope we can fit them all in. (Plus, an adult flick - what is The Artist rated, and am I the only person who hasn't read The Lady with the Dragon Tattoo?)

One must-go film will be Iron Lady, with Meryl Streep as former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.  Streep is by far my favorite actress and I'm always amazed how she transforms herself - whether it be a Holocaust survivor, Julia Child, or Alec Baldwin's ex-wife.  Plus anyone who can pull off Mama Mia the way she did deserves a special round of applause, along with her Oscars.

If you missed last night's 60 Minutes on CBS, check out Streep in this fabulous interview by Morley Safer.  We also included a fun second video which was not featured on the show, Meryl's Men: How She Feels about her Co-Stars like Dustin, Jack, Kevin and Alec.

Enjoy the show.

-C.J. Westerberg

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