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Sir Ken Robinson: The Purpose of Education

CJ Westerberg, March 2, 2011 10:41 PM


It's Personal. Cultural. Economic.

This month, Sir Ken Robinson gave a talk in London at the "Learning Without Frontiers" Conference, titled "Out of our Minds: Learning to be Creative." 

We zeroed in at the 17:00 minute mark where he talks about the three purposes of education, which reminds us when we over-emphasize one over the other.  They are inter-connected and

1)  Education is personal. 
You cannot treat people as homogenous units going through education.
Each of us has different capacities, interests and passions.
Connect people with their own sense of possibility.

2)   Education is cultural.
We live in a community of people.
We have to be able to relate and function with diversity.
The arts, especially music, expresses our inter-connectedness.
3)   Education is economic.
Technology and population growth are the two factors that are having unprecedented impact
on our present and future.

Robinson concludes with findings of an IBM-sponsored Report, which summarizes responses from 3,000 leaders globally, including both the business and public sector.

The results of what qualities are needed in today's world:

1)  How to deal/cope with complexity.

2)   Resilience and adaptability.  Responsibility.
3)  Creativity.

Originally posted The Daily Riff March 2011.

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