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Sir Ken Robinson: So Many "Are Prevented From Finding Their True Talents"

CJ Westerberg, April 7, 2010 3:19 PM


Sir Ken Robinson:  
Improving Schools Is Not Enough - We Must "Radically Transform Them"
See CNN 3 minute Video Below

With the endless talk of improving test scores and raising standards, we can always count on Sir Ken Robinson Ph.D., international leader of innovation and former professor in England, to bring us back to another dimension:  what is education FOR anyway?  Why are we all being educated the same way?

In this brief three minute video, Robinson reminds us that standardization and conformity used as a means to improve education in this country did not work, as most recently witnessed with No Child Left Behind (NCLB).  

Sir Ken, who has made the anti-one-size-fits-all process of education his life work, says  "Our education systems were never designed to meet these challenges".   He continues to say that instead of improving our schools, we have to radically transform them."

A key quote:

"I believe a lot of people, not deliberately, but systematically, are prevented from finding their true talents by these processes of education because education is preoccupied with certain types of ability, and as a result, many people never discover what they are naturally good at."
He also brings to mind three conditions that are critical to personal development as it relates to education (under which people will grow) include understanding the nature of talent, motivation and the need to encourage people's energies/spirits.

According to CNN, Robinson says:

"Instead of trying to mass-produce children who are good at taking tests and memorizing things, schools should emphasize personal development, Robinson said. Not all kids are good at the same things, and the education system shouldn't pretend they should all turn out the same, he said."

For more on Sir Ken, see link to his top-rated TED video here, with a very viral 1.2 million views.

CNN video - 3 minute - here:

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A good education teaches you how to ask a question. It's knowing what you don't know; the skills of critical thought.
Ted Sizer, Educator
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