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What should you learn after graduation?

SMW, August 17, 2014 10:00 PM


Life-long learning as habit, not just enhancement; a new reality, not an esoteric concept.

From Don't Let Your Education End at Graduation:

Most people could benefit from courses in public speaking, computer skills or writing, say career consultants. Even in fields where you don't analyze data on a daily basis, courses in data analytics or statistics are usually a good bet, says Christine Bolzan, founder of Graduate Career Coaching, a career-counseling service in Boston. Consider also a philosophy course, which will help you brush up on logic, argumentation and debate skills, she says.

On a number of levels, it's more than surprising that most college grads haven't achieved some literacy in these above-mentioned fields of study.  It's also notable that the above mentioned are a healthy balance between STEM, humanities, and basic life skills, yet all are supremely necessary for both the modern workplace and living. 

- C.J. Westerberg
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