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What Would Yoda Do? Teachers Tweet About Their World

CJ Westerberg, March 20, 2013 9:14 AM


One of The Daily Riff classics
Orig. posted The Daily Riff June 2010

Want a glimpse behind-the-scenes of what teachers
think about their own development?

Creative Show Below

"Open classroom doors
and let other teachers in

to help us reflect and hone our practice.
It's not as scary as it seems.

A "call for submissions" from The Journal Of Curriculum and Pedagogy inspired three to respond in a collaborative mode by leveraging their social networks (PLN - Professional Learning Network).  The topic up for discussion was how the influence of our digital culture was affecting pedagogy (teaching) and curriculum for teachers and schools.  Rather than submit a formal scholarly essay, Rodd Lucier, Ben Hazzard and Kathy Hibbert decided to walk their talk by presenting this topic via tweets from Twitter from colleagues and contacts in the teaching profession.

Their sub-topic:  A Jedi Approach to Professional Development For Teachers
The challenge:  Message must be 140 characters or less

 Here are few to get you started: . . .

"Everyone, including teachers & students, have strong opinions.  Give them a medium to express them."

"We need less talking and writing about what we want to achieve and more time with kids actually teaching it!"

"Teaching is more than a knowledge dump."

"Avoid isolation.  We are smarter as a group than we are as individuals."

Slide Show BELOW - Tweets start at Slide #9 if you want to skip intro. 

What Would Yoda Do? A Jedi Approach to Professional Development

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