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Whoa. Student Rants at Teacher in this Jaw-drop Video

CJ Westerberg, May 9, 2013 5:04 PM


Editor's Note:  Updates will continue on this post --- check out the post-rant interview video which clocks in at 2:40 minutes below - with almost 4 million views.  -CJ

"you want a kid to change and start doing better?" 
"you gotta touch his frickin' heart."
-student Jeff Bliss in his very viral video below

 Heartless "Packets" for Learning
Video Below

(Spoiler Alert: Watch video first before reading.)

The Daily Beast featured this explosive viral video with the caption:

 "You gotta take this job serious; this is the future of the nation" said Texas high school student Jeff Bliss in this awesome impassioned rant against his allegedly ineffective and indifferent teacher.  "you want a kid to change and start doing better?" he asked. "you gotta touch his frickin' heart."

I would hardly call this video "awesome".

I think it is terribly sad and painful to witness.
(It does not appear to be some sort of punk,dare or other gotcha prank, as of press time.)

There are so many great teachers. 
This student wants one of them.

This shouldn't be the way it is.

Yes, the student is waaaay disrespectful. Disruptive.
Judging from this video below, he desperately wants to learn, to connect and is so frustrated. 
He is reaching out.  What other venue does he have?  A parent, a counselor, maybe?

We don't hear or see the teacher's perspective other than . . . trying to maintain a calm in the classroom? Or, indifference?  It's not completely fair to judge since video is a snippet out of context and maybe this was not the norm and the student was having a really bad day.


Packets for learning.

And we wonder why students aren't engaged.

Teachers are writing in saying that have to distribute packets - it's their job - so they are caught between a rock and a hard place.

A no-win scenario for everyone involved.
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