June 2010

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Eyes Wide Open: Parental Advice About Teens

How To Distinguish Between Typical Teen Behavior & Serious Problems Read more

"Get Off Facebook": Middle School Principal Takes On Cyberbullying

Sends Message To Parents & Tweens: "There Is Absolutely No Reason For Any Middle School Student To Be A Part Of A Social Networking Site!" GMA Video-Stephanopoulos Read more

Small Schools. Big Results?

Joel Klein On "Morning Joe" Bringing An Important Conversation Back To Front Burner Read more

Google CEO Heads Obama's Innovation Team

"The Entrepreneurial Eco-System Is Broken . . ." : Judy Estrin, CEO, JLabs Read more

NINE High School Students Indicted In Bullying Case Of Phoebe Prince

What Parents & Schools Should Know: NPR Podcast, Slate coverage & Helpful Links --- Read more

Differentiated Learning: Coming To Schools

One Of The Greatest Challenges Teachers Face Is How To Differentiate Learning Tailored To Each Student's Pace & Needs - Watch How It Is Done With Tech : Video Read more

Have We Created A Generation Of Followers?

From Over-Praising & Over-Structuring, Have We Created A Young Adult World Fraught With Paralysis and Fear Of Failure? 2 Min. Videos. Read more

Death By PowerPoint

"The simpler I keep things, the better I play." -- Nancy Lopez, champion golfer. Since we are teaching, learning, and presenting in classrooms using PowerPoint, we think the presentation . . . Read more

Guilty: Teenage Cyberbullies NOT Protected By Free Speech

Listen Up Parents & Schools: Your Kids Can Found Be Guilty Of Slander & Hate Crimes Read more


NC's Raleigh/Durham to New York City: We're Smarter Read more

A New Way To Look At Teacher Credentials

"Always Learning" We are really impressed with the teachers who are actively initiating and engaged in their own development -- and who are not solely relying on the school for this area of professionalism, or the next formal degree or a development course every five years to "do the job" for them. Read more
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"Secretly Bilking College Students 101"

Elite Universities Selling Student Names & Addresses To Banks & Credit Card Companies Read more

Can't You See It? Teachers For Technology. Now, Not Tomorrow.

What's Your School Doing About It? Lip Service or The Real Deal? One Of Our Favorite Videos Read more

Star Trek Has Arrived: Telepresence Coming To Schools?

Cool Technology: The Next Wave In Videoconferencing - "Beam Me Up, Scotty". Read more

"I Am What I Learn" : The Myron Rolle Story

Football Star puts NFL "on hold" to attend Oxford with a Rhodes Scholarship. Video. Read more
Now, keeping in mind these fourfold interests - interest in conversation, or communication; in inquiry, or finding out things; in making things or construction; and in artistic expression - we may say they are natural resources, the uninvested capital, upon the exercise of which depends the active growth of the child..
John Dewey, The School and Society, 1900
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