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April 2010


"Rewarding Teacher Performance? Resist The Temptation To Race To Nowhere"

"Rewarding Teacher Performance?
Resist The Temptation To Race To Nowhere" Read more

NJ Gov. Chris Christie Whacks Teachers Union On "Morning Joe"

White Hot Controversy: NYT's Andrew Ross Sorkin, Washington Post's Gene Robinson, Mike Barnicle, Dee Dee Myers Join Joe Scarborough Take On "The 1 1/2 % Solution" Read more

Florida - SB6 : Our High-Stakes Standardized Testing Culture

UPDATE!! Florida SB-6 Bill Vetoed By Gov. Crist!!!
More: Our High-Stake Standardized Testing Culture: Parents & Schools Beware Read more

Jeb Bush On MSNBC's "Morning Joe" : Controversy in Florida

NEW UPDATE: GOV. CRIST VETOES SB-6 BILL !!!! Parents & Schools: Understand More About Your Kids' Test Scores & Teacher Merit Pay Read more

Sir Ken Robinson: So Many "Are Prevented From Finding Their True Talents"

Education Processes At Fault. We Must "Radically Transform" Schools. See New CNN 3-Minute Video. Read more

The College MIA List #6: Those Who Dropped Out Or Never Attended

* Read More About the Steve Wozniak Relationship (Rift?) With Steve Jobs, Fellow M.I.A. In This Fascinating Piece From Slate: "The iPad is Steve Jobs' Final Victory Over The Company's Co-founder Steve Wozniak." Read more