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March 2011


Morning Joe: Michelle Rhee announcing new alliance with "union boss," plus teacher pay and seniority

On "Morning Joe" this morning: "union boss" George Parker and Michelle Rhee join forces at Students First org. Read more

Stephen Colbert To Mr. Math: "Lies, Damned Lies"

Find out which numbers are lonely, lucky, liberal or conservative! Read more

Jon Stewart Offers Solution to Education Crisis in DairyLand

Two Videos: Crisis in Wisconsin and Teachers vs. Wall Street Read more

Education Love-Fest on "Morning Joe"

"Not embracing the status quo and doing everything we can to push for re-invention and self-renewal in education." Howard Shultz, Randi Weingarten, Geoffrey Canada Read more

The Cost of War : "nobody talks about it"

"Rather than nation-building over in Afghanistan, we ought to be doing be doing more nation-building in the United States." Read more