April 2010


"I Want To Live In A World"

Students Shared Vision In CNN 2 Min.Video For Earth Day Anniversary
With The Gulf Oil Spill, It Takes On Even More Importance Read more

"Watching" Books or "Reading" TV? Alice In Wonderland & iPad

What Do YOU Think? Is iPad A Good Thing Or Bad For Kids' Reading? See 45 sec. Video Read more

Jeb Bush On MSNBC's "Morning Joe" : Controversy in Florida

NEW UPDATE: GOV. CRIST VETOES SB-6 BILL !!!! Parents & Schools: Understand More About Your Kids' Test Scores & Teacher Merit Pay Read more

Sir Ken Robinson: So Many "Are Prevented From Finding Their True Talents"

Education Processes At Fault. We Must "Radically Transform" Schools. See New CNN 3-Minute Video. Read more

Summer Fun

"Walking On Sunshine" Video: A Fun Doggy Summer Read more