August 2012


Deborah Kenny on Morning Joe: "these types of things cannot be measured by a standardized test."

"You have to empower teachers and the only was is to have real authentic accountability." "First of all, the most important things cannot be measured objectively." (referring to how a student speaks or writes) ". . . these types of things cannot be measured by a standardized test." - both quotes by Deborah Kenny, CEO, Harlem Village Academies Read more
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Time to Change STEM to STEAM

Innovation: STEM enables it. But Art drives it. Read more

8th Graders "Design" Their Way to Learn Math, Science & Writing

STEM to STEAM. Make it real. Make it matter. Let me see how it's done, and I will show you next. Science, Technology, Engineering, Math + the ARTS (Design) = STEAM Read more

Weekend Light - Daniel Radcliffe Sings the Elements

Harry Potter sings the periodic table of elements on the Graham Norton show with Colin Farrell, Rihanna...humor video Read more

Rebuilding our Schools

One Community at a Time - Video - Morning Joe Read more

Autistic Awesome Innovator - Meet Temple Grandin PH.D.

"Different Not Less" - Temple Grandin - "Think Of It As A Door" Read more

A Definitive Guide for Developing a Technology Vision Statement for your School

. . ."students will be inquisitive, open-minded learners who use technology in a balanced & responsible manner along the way to becoming discerning, self-directed life-long learners . . ." Read more