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March 2013

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The Finland Phenomenon: Inside the World's Most Surprising School System

Can the U.S. and other countries learn from Finland? Finnish students rank top of the charts in international studies of standardized testing (PISA), yet Finland does not give their kids standardized tests (well not nearly to the extent . . . ) Read more

The Arts: Seeing & Thinking Differently

Artless & Senseless? "Once it is recognized that productive thinking in any area of cognition is perceptual thinking, the central function of art in general education will become evident." -Rudolf Arnheim, Visual Thinking Read more

Does your school have a beehive? (or have your students worked with one?)

"If we want children to be inventors, we have to give them opportunities to invent."- 5:00 mark, Mission Hill videoMaking Learning RealVideo BelowI sometime hear two questions from parents and educators about schools and learning -  "Are they (students) really... Read more

Weekend Video Funnies

Watch 9-Year Old play tennis with "No Fear" vs. pros and Ben Stiller Read more
Now, keeping in mind these fourfold interests - interest in conversation, or communication; in inquiry, or finding out things; in making things or construction; and in artistic expression - we may say they are natural resources, the uninvested capital, upon the exercise of which depends the active growth of the child..
John Dewey, The School and Society, 1900
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